What I Offer You
  1. A personalised service
    A personalised service
    In an acupuncture session I will take a detailed history - looking at how you and your body are functioning as a whole. I will also take your pulse and look at your tongue. You'll then lie down on the couch and after careful consideration I will select a prescription of acupuncture points tailored just for you. I then insert tiny needles. For aromatherapy massage I select and blend essential oils and then tailor a massage to suit you, your body and your treatment aims. Be it to relax, de-stress or unwind achey muscles.
  2. What do treatments cost?
    What do treatments cost?
    * Acupuncture initial consultation and treatment (90 mins) - £60 * Acupuncture follow-up treatment (60 mins) - £42 *Aromatherapy massage 45 mins - £29 * Aromatherapy massage 60 mins - £38 *Aromatherapy massage 90 mins - £55 *Aromatherapy massage 120 mins - £65
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